Finances where do I start?


Where do I start.

Savings is a Joke:  A savings account makes absolutely no money.  It barely keeps up with inflation and in some charts loses money.  So you are losing money when you put money in to a "Savings" account.

Savings is a joke, so what do I do with extra money ?

Get a brokerage account Get a brokerage account that offers free trades.  Robinhood is killing e-Trade because of the zero dollar trades.  I use Merrill Lynch because they partner with BofA and have tiers.

Robinhood has unlimmeted free trades and the ability to buy portions of a stock.  For example Amazon is worth 3,292.23 today 1/23/2021.  You can buy $100 worth on Robinhood.

The number one question is what should I buy

You should never put your eggs in one basket.  That is a saying.  So you must be asking yourself how do I diversiy?

This is a chart from Merril Edge that I live and die by.


Disclamer:  Patrick Handy is not a financial adviser and all of this advice is speculative.  He isn't even your friend. In fact he hopes you fail.